Postpartum Girdle C-Section Recovery Belt Back Support Belly Wrap Belly Band Shapewear

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Product Description

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Manufacturer Description

Product Description
Postpartum Girdle C-section Recovery Belt Back Support Belly Wrap Belly Band Shapewear

* During the long duration of pregnancy, the expansion of the size of the uterus often exerts a lot of pressure on the abdominal viscera.
* After childbirth, a mother's internal organs and uterus are left hanging and are thus susceptible to fat accumulation.
* By using a postpartum belly belt after childbirth, the mother can easily gain back their perfect body posture and shape.
Cleaning Instructions:
- Gently wash by hand.
- Don't wash using a machine.
- Don't bleach.
- Don't brush.
- Don't expose to direct sunlight.
- Don't tumble-dry under high heat intensity.
- Hang to dry.
- Don't wring after washing.
- Don't spin-dry using a machine.

Usage Instructions:

You should use the postpartum belly band 30 minutes following a meal and after urinating.
Always remove it before bedtime. A 6 to 8-hour daily use is enough.

Product Features

?? MULTI-SUPPORT: There are 3 closures that enhance the postpartum girdle wrap's flexibility and stretching ability, and 2 extra belts help to target specific areas which need support , enabling you to tighten your postpartum belly in the most scientific way. This postpartum belly wrap is equipped with 6 layers of gauze, making it more breathable,sweat-wicking and a cool-dry wrap. ?? SPEED UP POSTPARTUM OR SURGERY RECOVERY: With our postpartum belly bandit, tightening a flabby stomach has never been easier! In addition, the band minimizes tension on your abdominal walls, prevents the sagging of your inner organs and also helps to shrink your uterus post-birth. The band's 3-dimensional cut allows you to move freely, thus easily facilitating your posture recovery whether from C-section or natural birth. ?? ADJUSTABLE: Our post partum belly belt has 3 closures to enable you to easily adjust its tightness on your body to loosen or tighten pressure. It is stretchy enough to allow for the most comfortable compression. Its adjustable Velcro adhesive is super-strong, making the belt durable and re-usable for as long as you want. With our C section recovery belt, you can now bid farewell to all those troubles associated with using traditional belly bands. ?? IMPROVE YOUR BACK SUPPORT & POSTURE: Our postpartum recovery belt is enhanced using 5pcs of soft steel ribs for your back's support. It supports a bigger area than other abdominal binder belts in the market, easing pressure on the lumbar muscles. This abdominal band can tremendously minimize both your back and waist pressure, thus easily facilitating the recovery of your spine and lower back muscles after birth. Its back-curved design perfectly fits your body shape. ?? SIZE NOTICE: Our postpartum belly binder's size is not the standard American size. You, therefore, need to measure your waist size and abdominal circumference to make sure you are picking your right size.

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