Bug Out Bag Kit Store

We are your one stop shop for complete ready-made Bug Out Bag Kits. We offer a selection of basic to advanced bug out backpack kits for a single person, or even 2-persons or more.

Emergency Essentials

No need spending hours looking at a bug out bag list, our Pre-made Bug Out Bag Kits are ready to ship and are loaded with the survival supplies you would need to last in case of an emergency or natural disaster—including survival food, water, medial supplies, emergency blankets and other emergency essentials that government agencies recommend on their bug out bag list or 72-hour kit list.

You can chose how well you want to be prepared by choosing either a basic inexpensive bug out bag kit or stepping it up to an Ultamate Bug Out Bag Kit that has room to grow. We even offer a bug out bag for your dog, so your best friend can survive alongside of you and protect you and your family. 

Rescue Guard; First Aid Kit, Hurricane Kit, Disaster Kit or Earthquake...

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What is a Bug Out Bag?

If a catastrophe should strike, the main function of a bug out bag kit is to enable one to leave swiftly. It is for that reason sensible to collect all the materials and supplies that may be needed to do this into a single location, such as a bag or a couple of storage containers. The suggestion that a bug out bag consist of sufficient supplies for 72-hours occurs from suggestions from groups responsible for disaster relief and management that it might take them as much as 72-hours to reach individuals impacted by a catastrophe and offer aid. The bag's contents might differ according to the area of the user, as somebody evacuating from an earthquake might have a different kit from somebody who resides in an area susceptible to wildfires or twisters.

In addition to permitting one to make it through a disaster evacuation, a bug out bag kit can likewise be utilized when safeguarding in place as a response to emergency situations such as property fires, blackouts, twisters, and other extreme natural disasters.

Bug Out Vehicle

Some survivalists also suggest keeping a 'get home bag' in the vehicle and/or at work. This is a kit to permit returning house from work in an emergency situation where all transport automobiles and public transportation has broken down and is developed around individual situations where, as an example, a walk of 25 kilometres may be needed from work to your home. The 'get home bag' can consist of, as an example, sufficient water in order to get house, practical walking shoes, a map (not electronic), sufficient food for 12 hours, clothes for unfavorable weather condition, and so on.