Turn a 5-gallon bucket into a porta-potty

Did you know you can turn a 5-gallon bucket into a portable toilet? It is so easy to make you’ll wonder why you never thought of it. All you need to make it is a bucket, a trash bag, and a section of a pool noodle. You’ll probably want some toilet paper to go along with it as well.

Step 1

Pull the handle out of the bucket so you can slip on the toilet roll. To do this you usually just need to line up the handle so it pulls out.

Step 2

Line the bucket with a trash bag and let it hang over the sides.

Step 3

Cut the pool noodle to fit the circumference of your bucket.

Step 4

Cut a slit down the length of the pool noodle.

Step 5

Slip the pool noodle over the edge of the bucket.

Step 6

Relax and enjoy.

Credit: PugetSoundPreppers

Author: Chris

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