Top 10 Bug Out Bag List Emergency Essentials You Don’t Want To Be Without

There are plenty of good bug out bag lists available on the internet, including our very own. This one is different however, in this bug out bag list I am going to cover some emergency essentials that you probably do not want to be without. Most of the time you want to remain mobile, which is why people will often use a tactical backpack to store their bug out gear. So unless you have a plan to bug out in your vehicle and build a car emergency kit you probably want to travel light. So in my top 10 list below I talk about some emergency essentials that offer a lot without weighing you down.

lifestraw water filter

Water Filter

Water is so important to everyday survival but at 8-pounds per gallon it is almost impossible to carry enough to last you 72-hours or more. So I recommend carrying as much water as possible and to carry a water filter as your secondary water supply. This way you can turn any lake, stream, or puddle into drinkable water.

bug out bag mess kit

Mess Kit

A mess kit is basically a plate, as bowl and a cup that you can use to eat your food off of. If you get to the point where you need to cook food, you will need something to cook it in. I good mess kit is light weight and compact so you will hardly notice that you are carrying it.

bug out bag fire starter

Fire Starter

To cook food or to stay warm you will need a fire. Matches are probably the easiest way to start a fire but they can get used up fast. So I recommend a fire starter that will last longer like a Magnesium Fire Starter, or if you are brave, Flint and steel. These, especially the flint and steel could last you for weeks or even months.

bug out bag list 550 paracord


If you need to tie something up, build a shelter, or set a trap, you are going to need some rope. 550 Paracord is a staple for any survival kit because it is super strong, compact, and light weight. It is already great as it is, but if you cut it open you will find even smaller strands of string that can be used to fix clothing.

survival kit duct tape

Duct Tape

When all else fails duct tape can be the one item to save you. You can use it to fix tools, make traps, makes waterproof bags etc. The value to weight ratio of duct tape is 100 to 1.

emergency money


If a natural disaster strikes and electricity is down, credit cards will no longer work. In this case you are going to want to have money in your emergency kit. Paper will work in most cases but if you really want to be prepared you will have a supply of gold or silver coins on hand. Gold talks.


Important Documents

When you take off you probably don’t want to leave your identity behind. Any important documents like your birth certificate or social security card should bug out with you. If you have insurance documents or wills, you should bring them along as well.

prepper antibiotics


A first aid kit will carry the basics to treat a cut or burn but it won’t have antibiotics. If you have a Bacterial infection the only think that is going to get rid of it in a hurry is antibiotics. Many preppers turn to fish antibiotics which are readily available at pet stores. Another option is colloidal silver. Colloidal silver can be made by running DC current through .999+ silver coins with two or three 9V batteries in series.


Portable Radio

How will you know what is going on without a portable radio? Information is the key to survival and a radio is the way to get it. A small crank or solar powered radio will work great and you won’t have to worry about batteries. This an essential item to have on your bug out bag list.

earthquake kit map

Local Area Map

When bugging out it is a good idea to know the area. A local map is a good way to familiarize yourself with your planned route of escape and to research alternate routes in case your planned route is blocked.

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